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without love    sound clip

I've been bad, I've been good
Been what they say I should
Without love, it ain't much
I've been east, I've been west
I've been worst, I've been best
Without love, it ain't much

Without love, there's no peace
Without love, no relief
Without love, we will fight
Without love, we will die

I've been rich, I've been poor
I've been praised and ignored
Without love, it ain't much
I've had women in my hands
I've had everyone I can
Without love, it ain't much

Without love, we will ache
Without love, we will take
Without love, we can't give
Without love, we can't live

Without love, we're in pain
Without love, we're ashamed
Without love, we can't feel
Without love, we can't heal

I've been wrong, I've been right
I've been heavy, I've been light
Without love, it ain't much
I've been up, I've been down
I've been here, I've been now
Without love, it ain't much

Sam Turton: vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Jesse Turton: upright acoustic bass
Peter Grimmer: drums
Drew McIvor: acoustic piano, Hammond organ
Jane Lewis: harmony vocal


I have been through a lot in my life, and to me, real love is not sappy sentimentality, cloying need, or coercive caretaking. Love is respect, appreciation, acceptance, support, understanding, and genuine positive regard. It is expressed by direct action, and safe, respectful affection. It is nurturing and healing. Without it, babies die. Without it, we get sick. Without it, fortune and fame seem dull. Love is connectedness—and that's what life is really all about.

Feeling and expressing real love has transformed my life. I deeply thank all those who have shown me love and continue to do so.

This song touches on almost all of my musical influences. Pushed in one direction it could be The Beatles, in another it could be gospel, in another it could be R&B, in another it could be a folk hymn. I am glad Jesse used acoustic upright bass on this track—the woody growl and rattling strings bring the song down to earth. Peter is solid as can be, and Jane's harmony extends the melodic range. The guitar, opened tuned to E and capoed up three frets to G, gives an ethereal feeling to the piece. I decided to use both piano and organ, à la Procol Harum, and Drew's solo is the emotional heart of the song for me.