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my children    sound clip

Na na na, na na na . . .

My children are the love of my life
My children make everything all right
My children make the future bright
My children, my children

Na na na, na na na . . .

Teri has a gift
She gave me a lift
I had to lighten up
Lighten up with love

My children are the love of my life . . .

Na na na, na na na . . .

Jesse has a key
He gave it to me
I had to open up
Open up with love

My children are the love of my life . . .
Na na na, na na na . . .

Sam Turton: vocal, acoustic rhythm guitar
Jesse Turton: bass guitar
Peter Grimmer: drums, percussion
Drew McIvor: Hammond organ
Dave Rodenburg: tenor saxophone
Peter Grimmer, Jane Lewis, Heather MacRae, Ken Rootham, Jesse Turton, Jessie Watt: supporting vocals
Emily Andrews, Brianna Cox, Riley Cox, Ciara Cruickshank, Daniel Diefenbaker, Lauren Haddock, Melissa Hudson, Christine Johnston, Leanne Jones, Katrina Joubert, Brianne McKee, Jodi Orser, Kyla Otto, Dustin Seip, Justin Smith: children's chorus


As life piles on the years and the world heaps its troubles on top, it is the young ones that strengthen my sense of purpose and my sense of joy. Family is something you can't artificially create, and when it's good, it's really good.

This song—and this CD—are dedicated to my children Teri Dunk and Jesse Turton. We've had some great times together and it just keeps getting better.

To celebrate my children—and for that matter, all children—I imagined a big, noisy Mardi Gras parade with the Beatles, Dr. John, Fats Domino, and Sam the Sham in it! I was hearing "Indian Red," "Wooly Bully," "Yellow Submarine," "Bungalow Bill," "All You Need is Love," and "Hey Jude" all rolled into one big noisy party.

The band created a classic New Orleans marching polka and Dave Rodenburg nailed the old-style sax lines. His growls and squeals are classic. Drew found a great circus organ sound on his Hammond and took it to the edge. Be sure to listen for the famous circus organ line right at the end. Step right up!

The adult singers did a marvelous job of hollering along with me, and of course the fifteen kids from the J. D. Hogarth Public School Junior Choir made the song complete. That spontaneous group giggle after Jesse's "Nelson" is priceless. Thanks everybody.