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Pilin' Line    sound clip

Lift it up - huh!
Hard work on the pilin' line
I said lift it up - huh!
Hard work on the pilin' line

Pick up a rock settin' on the ground
Swing it on over, pass it on down
Got a wall to raise, no time to stop
Give it to Daddy, he'll set it on top

I said lift it up . . .

John and Jenny got a wedding ring
Been livin' at home since early spring
Mama says time they got a proper home
Build 'em a strong one made of stone

I said lift it up . . .

Way out here we got fields of rock
Every spring got a brand new crop
Walls for the sheep, walls for the shed
Grab that stone and move it ahead

I said lift it up . . .

Sam Turton: lead vocal
Tricia Brubacher, Laura Bird, Tannis Maynard-Langedijk, Stuart Peterson, Jesse Turton: harmony vocals
Jeff Bersche, Mike Driscoll, Dennis Gaumond, Richard Maynard-Langedijk, Tannis Slimmon, Guy Stefan, Jan Vanderhorst: harmony vocals and found percussion