Sam Turton AT HOME
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Sam Turton: At Home

Listening to Sam Turton's new album "At Home" is like eavesdropping on a great party. Sam's slide guitar work is sassy, stinging, and sweet. The singing throughout the album is very soulfull and joyous. Join the party and listen in.

-Jan Vanderhorst, CKPC AM 1380 (Just Us Folk)


Sam Turton is an artist who combines his hands, his head and his heart towards the creation of some of the finest songs, many of which feel like they are a personal gift from him to the listener and society. His latest CD release "At Home" is a choice representation of an incredible "Home made" project.

At his home, Sam dedicated a lot of time, technology, and talent, and together with his friends and family, a master work of art was created. He digs deep into the realms of social conscience and writes songs that reflect his heightened awareness and concerns, and reveals his immense musical talent. Some of his songs have an unsuspected but insightful twist when he portrays a new perspective, as he does so poignantly in his song, "Sinner's Child," on his "At Home" recording.

-Kris Kadwell, 100.9 CKHA CANOE FM (Paddling Beyond The Mainstream)


Drums in the dining room, vocals in the hallway, guitar in the living room, plus a backyard choir-you can just picture it. The results are superb.

Recorded in the Turton-Lewis homestead, At Home reflects the passion that Sam and his supporting players collectively carry throughout the project. Supporting players include Jesse Turton, Adam Bowman, Larry Kurtz, Jane Lewis, Tannis Slimmon and Laura Bird.

The album is a great mix of Roots, Blues, and Gospel featuring superior playing and friendly harmonies on a collection of both self-penned and traditional tunes. The music is interspersed with outtake moments that help make the whole package well rooted and real.

At Home has been on my personal iPod and my Acoustic Planet playlists since I first received it. The album will definitely be on my favourites list for 2011 and comes highly recommended.

-Steve Clarke, CHES 88.1 FM (Acoustic Planet)


Sam Turton is the true embodiment of the responsible artist. The honesty and integrity of the man comes out with every soulful note he sings.

On his latest outing, Turton offers more of the plain-speak, R & B and Gospel-soaked original folk songs for which he has become well-known. But this time, he cooked it all up in his own kitchen (literally!).

-Andrew Craig, CBC Radio 2 host, producer, performer


Sam Turton's very much at home on his new CD At Home. Recorded in his home (and his backyard), it features a collection of songs amidst the friendly ambiance of celebration, of weather, of feelings, of resonator guitar, and love. I don't usually gives a thumbs up to too many full-length albums these days, but Sam Turton has successfully negotiated the medium. It's a really good CD full of poignant songs. And that says a lot these days.

-Steve Fruitman, CIUT 89.5 FM (Back To The Sugar Camp)


Sam Turton mines a rich seam of swampy blues and traditional folk joined by a cast that perfectly reflect his community roots. Homespun with a folksy style that makes you feel like you are sitting in the corner of the room. Grab a coffee and pull up a chair. You'll not be disappointed.

-Jan Hall, CFRU 93.3 FM (Royal City Rag)


"At Home" is a seamless infusion of memorable songs, impressive harmonies, and solid musicianship, like an afternoon well spent with musical friends and family.

-Doug Gibson, CKWR 98.5 FM (Songs From The Wood)